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Groves Ocean Blue – Swimming Pool Services
in Naples, Florida


Florida Contractor License Number #: CPC1456458

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Make owning your pool a joy

Naples, Florida, Pool Care Services with Groves Ocean Blue

If you’re searching for the best way to keep your pool serviced in Naples, Florida, look no further: Groves Ocean Blue has the answer. Our highly trained staff have the tools and expertise necessary to solve any pool problems you may encounter in a swift and thorough manner. Between routine maintenance options like preventing algae buildup and surface skimming to complete pool repairs, we’ve got you covered. Whether you live in downtown Naples, Lake Park, Moorings, Royal Harbor, or anywhere in between, get started today with pool servicing near you from Groves Ocean Blue.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Naples, Florida

Much like the rest of your home, owning a pool is a major investment. To make sure you get the most out of it both in the short term and for years to come, it’s key that you keep your pool clean and properly maintained. With Groves Ocean Blue, our pool cleaning service near you in Naples, Florida, will not only keep your water looking shimmering and clean, it will also ensure proper water balance and chemical levels are present at all times. This can save you significant amounts of money down the road as you’ll avoid many expensive repairs and replacements.

Pool services in Naples, Florida, offered by Groves Ocean Blue include:

  • Skimmer cleaning
  • Algae removal
  • Pool circulation system checks
  • Water filter checks
  • Pool floor vacuuming
  • Water testing and chemical balancing

Groves Ocean Blue’s top priority is providing customers from all over the Naples area the pool repairs and pool cleaning services they need to get the most out of life. Learn more about our pool maintenance services in Naples, Florida, today!

Naples, Florida, Pool Repair Services

It’s hard enough to keep your pool looking clean on a day-to-day basis; when something goes wrong and repairs are needed, the stress of fixing it on your own can be daunting. Thankfully, Groves Ocean Blue is here to offer a helping hand. From pool heaters to water pumps to circulation systems, our experts are trained to diagnose and fix any problem you face. We offer comprehensive pool repair services in Naples, Florida, with options available for pools of any size. We’re the go-to source for pool repairs in Naples, so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

Make owning your pool a joy
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