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Residential inground swimming pool in backyard with waterfall and hot tub
3 Signs Your Pool Waterfall Needs Repair

3 SIGNS YOUR POOL WATERFALL NEEDS REPAIR If your pool waterfall is giving you cause for concern, call the waterfall repair experts at SPS PoolCare. Your backyard pool is an inviting oasis that helps you stay cool and refreshed in the harsh Sun Belt heat. Our pool repair crew can quickly diagnose problems and get […]

3 Minute Read
Removing Calcium & White Stains From Pool Tiles

Are the pretty patterns on your pool tiles covered with chalky film, blotchy white stains, and scaly minerals? This is most likely the result of calcium buildup, which is a real problem in areas with hard water, which is prevalent in many parts of the Sun Belt, particularly Arizona and Nevada. Here are some tips […]

4 Minute Read
Elevate Your Swim Season: Essential Pool Upgrades

As the seasons transition and temperatures warm, pool owners might think it’ll be easy work opening up the pool for the swim season. However, the offseason is the perfect opportunity to upgrade essential pool equipment without disrupting your summer enjoyment. Not only can these upgrades protect your investment, but they can also lead to a […]

3 Minute Read
Maintaining Swimming Pool pH Levels

MAINTAINING SWIMMING POOL PH LEVELS Keep your swimming pool pH levels maintained with chemical balancing from SPS PoolCare. Your pool and spa should be assets, not another tedious chore. Spend more time swimming and entertaining and less time worrying about water chemical levels. We’ll show you how. MAINTAINING CHEMICAL LEVELS IN SPAS, POOLS & HOT […]

2 Minute Read