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Hurricane Preparedness and Your Pool

May 13, 2024
Various types of pool equipment and products are set along the poolside.

In warm climates such as the southern and southwest regions of America, including Florida and Texas, pool ownership is a source of recreation and joy unlike anything else. However, hurricane season can be a source of anxiety, and while pool owners cannot control the hurricane, you can utilize best practices to protect your pools from the storm. 

Before hurricane season, you can take various precautions to protect your pool and yard, cleaning up any debris and trash found after the storm. In this blog post, our SPS PoolCare team provides steps to prepare your pool correctly for hurricane season.

How To Prepare Your Pool Before the Storm

Do you see forecasts for a hurricane in the coming days? Don’t try to weather out the storm. There are various steps you can take to protect your pool and patio as a whole against the hurricane. Here are four of the most vital precautions you should take before the day of the storm: 

1. Do Not Empty or Cover Your Pool

Do not cover the pool to provide further weight; keep it on the ground. Although the possibility of your pool overflowing remains, it is less of a problem than you think. After all, there’s also the chance of your patio and yard having signs of flooding throughout the storm. Additionally, a flown cover can cause further damage that can easily be avoided. 

2. Turn Off All Power

For added protection for your pool, ensure all power is turned off to all equipment and systems. This includes pump motors, lighting, chlorinators, heaters, and filters. Power is not exclusive to electricity. Ensure all power is off prestorm, including gas and propane. All electrical equipment should be covered with a waterproof plastic membrane to prevent it from being submerged.

3. Remove All Loose Items

From chairs and tables to discarded toys and inflatables, any loose items in and near your pool can quickly turn into dangerous projectiles during a hurricane. This is why you should put away any loose items and tie down immovable furniture with a sturdy rope.

Pool owner cleaning fallen leaves out of the pool with a net. 

4. Balance Pool Chemicals

Keeping your pool chemicals balanced helps prevent contamination from debris that makes its way in throughout the storm. Proper pool chemical safety and balance are essential to the integrity of your pool. Lower the pool water’s pH to around 7.2, and add extra chlorine if needed since chlorinators will be powered off. 

Additional Safety Measures for Hurricane Preparedness

When preparing for hurricane season, it’s best to consider the patio and yard surrounding your pool since any loose items and furniture can lead to avoidable damage. For pool patio and yard protection, try and do the following: 

  • Keep trees trimmed and remove low-hanging, weak branches
  • Protect pool safety fences and equipment 
  • Tie down any loose patio furniture
  • Clean up the entire yard prestorm
  • Check insurance to see if your pool is covered

After the Storm

Once the storm has cleared and you have checked your surroundings for any additional storm signs, thoroughly inspect your pool for any signs of damage. This includes checking your pool’s plumbing, equipment, and systems to troubleshoot problems.

To help you know what to look for throughout your pool inspection, here are some items you’ll want to do and check: 

Remove Debris

Ensure you clean up all debris inside your pool as soon as possible. This is to avoid contamination in your pool’s water and throwing off the balance of your water’s chemistry. It also helps ensure that your pool runs smoothly without any debris getting lodged or messing up a particular part of the system. 

A happy couple looking at a home pool in better weather. 

Check Electrical Equipment Before Powering On

Remove all coverings from the equipment and inspect for any signs of water damage. Any electrical equipment that has been exposed to water must be thoroughly inspected by a licensed professional. 

Turn On Pool System

Once you have ensured that no water has affected the electrical equipment, turn your pool system on for long hours each of the next few days to ensure your pool is fully up and intact. This includes making sure your pumps and filters work correctly. 

Rebalance the Water Chemistry

Check the water chemistry once again alongside the pumps and filters. If it has changed since your prestorm balance, rebalance it once again. Readjust the pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and conditioner level and proceed to check on them carefully over the first days post-storm. 

Monitor For Any Potential Problems

Conduct a general overview and monitor your pool system over the next few days if a problem arises. Some pool repairs to consider when inspecting your pool system include electrical hazards, filter and pump malfunctions, flooding damages, and leaks. 

Get the Best Pool Repair and Maintenance Services With SPS PoolCare

Do you need repairs for your pool after a storm? Turn to SPS PoolCare to help restore your pool to its full potential and former glory. With service branches across the southern and southwest United States, we offer the repairs and maintenance needed to make owning a pool a joy. Don’t let your pool sustain further damage. Get started today by reaching out to your local SPS PoolCare branch!

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