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Top 5 Pool Equipment Repairs

February 22, 2024
A beautiful backyard swimming pool surrounded by trees and shrubbery.

Owning a pool is a luxurious source of joy and relaxation. But to keep your pool running smoothly, staying on top of replacements and repairs is crucial. Proper pool cleaning and maintenance is a necessary part of keeping your pool in pristine condition and ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience all yearlong.

In this blog from the experts at SPS PoolCare, we’ll go over the top five most common pool equipment repairs homeowners face so you can be ready for future potential issues. With the right equipment repairs, upgrades, and modernizations, you can preserve the functionality and longevity of your pool with ease.

Pump Issues

The center of any pool circulation system is the pump, which is responsible for moving water through the filtration system. Pump issues can manifest in the form of reduced water flow, leaks, and even strange noises, all of which can put a damper on an afternoon of fun.

A common cause of this pool maintenance issue is a clogged pump basket or impeller, which can hinder the effectiveness of the overall system. Regularly cleaning the pump basket and checking for debris in the impeller can prevent these problems from bubbling to the surface. If issues persist, your best bet is to call in the pros at SPS PoolCare.

Filter Malfunctions

Your pool’s filter plays a pivotal role in removing impurities and debris from its water. Over time, filters can naturally become clogged or worn down, reducing their effectiveness. Signs of a filter malfunction include cloudy water, low water flow, or increased pressure in the system. Backwashing sand or replacing cartridge filters, per manufacturer recommendations, can help address these issues. However, if these problems continue, it’s best to seek professional assistance so you don’t cause further damage.

Heater Troubles

Even if you live somewhere that’s warm year-round, a functioning heater is a must-have for any pool owner. If you notice inconsistent water temperature or are unable to ignite the heater, these could be signs of impending trouble. Regularly inspecting and cleaning inner components like the pilot light, thermocouple, or thermostat can help prevent issues. However, major issues require a professional technician to address them properly.

Leaky Pipes and Valves

Leaky pipes and valves can lead to wasted water and cause utility bills to skyrocket. These issues can occur due to deteriorating seals, loose connections, cracked pipes, and other unforeseen circumstances. Inspect your pool area regularly for wet spots, particularly around the pipes and where they connect. Minor leaks may be fixable with simple solutions like tightening bolts or replacing seals, but significant leaks and structural issues are best left to the experts at SPS PoolCare.

Automation System Failures

Modern pools often come equipped with automation systems that control things like lighting, heating, and filtration. When these systems malfunction, it can disrupt the balance of your pool’s operation and cause you unnecessary headaches. You may be able to troubleshoot these issues yourself by resetting the system or updating software, but for more complex problems, it’s recommended you consult a professional with expertise in pool automation systems.

Expert Pool Repair Services From SPS PoolCare

Proactive maintenance and timely repairs are an essential part of ensuring the well-being of your pool. Regular inspections, frequent cleaning, and addressing issues promptly can keep your pool in pristine condition while saving you time and money in the long run. While pool owners can handle general upkeep and minor repairs, many services require professional assistance.
Thankfully, the friendly team of experts at SPS PoolCare is here to help with expert pool cleaning and maintenance services. Whether you’re having trouble with your pump, heater, or another internal mechanism, we have the tools and expertise to repair your pool and get you back to relaxing under the sun. Make owning your pool a joy, and find your closest SPS PoolCare branch today!

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