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5 Things To Look For In A Pool Cleaning Company

February 13, 2024

If you’re spending more time maintaining your swimming pool than enjoying it, you may want to consider hiring a cleaning company to handle the dirty work for you. At SPS PoolCare, we’ve put together a list of things to look for in your pool cleaning company.

  • A licensed and insured company
  • Clear communication
  • Comprehensive cleaning
  • Deep cleaning & surface maintenance
  • Adaptable maintenance nlans


Licensed and insured pool cleaners hold themselves to higher service standards than unlicensed ones. Additionally, if something goes awry during cleaning, you’re protected from the legal consequences.

While a license and insurance are generally seals of good quality, it’s still wise to read reviews. If the company doesn’t have a website or social media profiles, ask them for testimonials.


A service pool company that responds promptly and professionally is a company that will take great care of your property. You want a pool care professional who answers all your questions and create a customized service plan that best meets your needs.

If the company offers a quote that lists all their charges, it’s a good sign that they care as much about customer satisfaction as making money.


Most pool companies provide weekly cleaning service. Yet, that’s the bare minimum in our industry. If you want to work with a cleaning company long-term, choose one that offers more than water balancing and chemical analysis.

  • Regular inspections of all equipment
  • Skim surface
  • Clean skimmer & pump baskets
  • Clean walls, wiles, filters & water lines


Keeping a pool beautiful means paying attention to the deck too. An experienced service company will offer extra services to keep both water and surfaces like walls, tile, and stairs well-maintained.

  • Pressure wash deck & screen
  • Deep clean tiles
  • Seasonal opening
  • Winterizing
  • Chlorine baths
  • Acid washes


Though weekly cleanings are a good rule of thumb, it may not be right for you. Spas with efficient filters and no trees nearby don’t need to be cleaned that often. Older pools that see more frequent use can benefit from more frequent cleanings.

Weather trends can also impact maintenance. For example, water will go through chlorine much faster during a sunny heatwave than a string of cloudy, mild days. Since your maintenance needs vary from season to season, it’s best to work with a company that can adapt its service plan to meet them.


Nobody likes scrubbing, skimming, and having to adjust chemicals, but no one likes swimming in dirty water either. Why not leave the hassle and mess to SPS PoolCare. Call your local branch today and check out our blog to learn more about our services for spas, hot tubs, chlorine, and saltwater swimming pools.

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